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The OFA Mission: To promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease

Developmental Inherited Cardiac Diseases (SAS and Cardiomyopathy) The purpose of the OFA Eye Certification Registry (ECR) is to provide breeders with information regarding canine eye diseases so that they may make informed breeding decisions in an effort to produce healthier dogs. Click above to read more....

Important information on Labrador Standards, registration, training and much more.

The Disorder of EIC

Exercise-induced collapse (EIC) is a recently recognized disorder of increasing significance in Labrador Retrievers, especially those dogs used for hunting and field trials. Click above to read more.    Prcd-PRA is inherited as a recessive trait. This means a disease gene must be inherited from each parent in order to cause disease in an offspring.  Click above to read more...

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