Blancos Labradors...Beautiful English Labadors,
Light Yellow Labradors, Family raised Awesome Companions   



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Panda aka Goldberrys Panda Queen 

 Our Goldberry Panda Queen has a very sweet personality, beautiful bone structure and overall great conformation. She is a beautiful looking Labrador with a weight of 70lbs. If you love the classic English Labrador she is a perfect example with her thick otter tail, dense fur and stockier look. Pandas first litter will be in the later part of June 2014 and we will be taking deposits.CLICK HERE TO GO TO HER CLEARANCES

Milketta aka Loyal Labradors Serenity Snow

Our Puppy loves Christmas
Our Registered Service Dog
Milketta very smart and trainable... She is our very own Service Dog. She has  a sweet temperment and at the same time very energetic and eager to please. She is a beautiful shade of light Yellow. She is by aka standard a yellow just a lighter version. Her bone structure is very strong and lean at 65lbs

Tessla aka Blancos North Star Blanche

Tessla as a puppy! 

Alpha Girl... Our Sweet Girl RETIRED

Alpha Our Youngest Female
Alpha at 6 months

This is our Alpha Girl... She is very sweet great temperment and conformation. She is our creamy yellow  Lab with jet black pigment. She is full of life and is always eager to please