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Price of Puppies 2500- 3000  depending on Litter, age, pick of litter. Please contact us for prices


You might think the asking price is high .. A Reputable breeder will price their puppies based on the certification, pedigree/lineage and time. The old saying its so cheap, too good to be true it probably is.


A great deal of time, money, work and pride goes into every litter we plan.

Planning can take from days, months, to years depending on the litter. Each breeding has to be breed with the intent to make the breed better; that includes, health, temperament, lineage/pedigree, genetic soundness, history and overall wellbeing of each dog. I know it sounds simple but I assure you it is not. Diseases of the hips, elbows, eyes and other genetic disorders can pass from parent to puppy leaving that future generation at risk for the same debilitating disorder or disease.  We breed for the betterment of the breed. AGAIN  If you purchase from a backyard breeder or someone that is unaware of an affected dog that has hip dysplasia to another with the same defect or genetic disease it will transfer to puppies. The costs alone for a lifetime since dogs live for 12-15 years of age could run into the thousands for treatments, etc... WE spend the extra money for the care of the dogs... X-Rays, Genetic testing and preventative health care.

All our dogs are given high grade no grain foods, supplements and vet care throughout their life. They are our family and treated as such.


Females throughout their pregnancy are monitored, from insemination to whelping which is quite costly, plus whelping supplies. When the female whelps she can be in labor for up to an 24 hour which means no sleep and lots of coffee.  This does not include the emergency C-section for the unexpected. Females are given supplements to encourage milk production and health.


The first week following birth is very important we are on lock down the entire week. Puppies are monitored every two hours regardless of time the first week and every 2-3 hours the 2nd and 3rd week. During this time puppies are weighed daily along with supplements, worming and probiotics for digestive care. Puppies bedding are change quite often to help prevent infections and for overall clean hygiene. Lots of dirty laundry and constant cleaning with no harsh disinfectants. 

Puppies also start hearing at this time so apart from health ...socialization is one of the most important factors in their growth. Between the later parts of the 3rd week through the 8th week, we start incorporating a high protein no grain food into the puppies’ diet.  We take the time to familiarize all the puppies with their surroundings; sounds, different environments and challenges (stairs, rooms area outdoors etc.). At 6 weeks it can get quite busy as we start potty training, and introducing them to a crate. The Crate is a big part of their life as this will be their safe haven and bed (it should not be used for extended periods other than bed). We treat often with food and toys to encourage and enforce training.  


Each of our dogs come from top breeding stocks, are certified through OFA and are tested for genetic disorders such as EIC and PRA/PRCD. All our dogs meet the requirement of the AKC standard of the breed.

Please consider the following;

If you are planning for a new family member be aware that the average life span of a Labrador retriever is 12/15 years or have these certification will help to minimize inherited potential problems which will benefit your puppy and your wallet.

So before you plan on purchasing a puppy ask questions and do some research.


Remember AKC is just a register of AKC registered dogs and although they encourage the same practices they are not enforced. AKC does however offer a puppy program for such Breeders that enforce OFA/genetic disorder testing and follow a health program/ health guarantee for their puppies The program is Called Bred for heart... I am proud to be a part of that program. 

If you are still interested in learning more about our puppies please fill out our questionnaire. Click HERE